Woodfield Park Residents Association

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Welcome to the Woodfield Park website.
The site contains useful information for Woodfield Park residents.
Have a look at Useful Contacts, which has addresses and telephone numbers for local services. Local Info contains useful information about refuse collection, recycling days etc.

We have a Facebook page, please contact a member of the committee if you would like to be added to the group.

There is also a very lively Woodfield Chat WhatsApp group which is independent of the residents association, however members of the committee will be able to advise you on how to join


Christmas art event 2020

An illuminated Christmas art event is planned in our woodlands. This will be on the theme of "Wish Upon a Star". Residents are invited to decorate trees with Stars, lights and wishes starting from the West entrance to the woods. Currently it is planned to switch on lights each evening from 18th December to 2nd January.


Coronavirus Response

Remember that our wonderful woodlands are available to all. Please keep to government guidelines of social distancing, remember that a friendly wave goes a long way to lift the spirits.

In order to help look out for residents who are more vulnerable to the virus or need help in other ways we have set up a network of resiliance co-ordinators.

If you need help including shopping, posting mail, picking up a prescription or just a friendly chat, contact your local co-ordinator or one of the others if necessary.

Information on resiliance-coordinators and how to contact them is printed on leaflets that have been delivered to every household in Woodfield Park. If you either don't have one or have mislaid yours please contact one of the committee members to get a new one.


Latest News

The council have cut back on leaf clearance and are longer carrying out gritting and roadside weed killing in Woodfield Park. Could residents please do their part to keep the street looking tidy by weeding outside their houses

There is concern for the safety of car users and pedestrians caused by parked vehicles on Woodfield Park near the entrance and opposite the junction near No 67. Highway Code rule 243 advises that vehicles should not park opposite or within 10m of a junction and the Road Traffic Acts states that it is illegal to park within 10m of a junction at night unless the vehicle has illuminated lights. In order to avoid any problems can residents and visitors please be considerate with their parking

Alan Donaldson has taken on the role of woodsman and has instituted a dashboard system to assess the condition of the the woodland including trees, wall and drainage. Tree work for this year has been identified and is currently being undertaken.

There is a drainage problem caused by a damaged culvert outlet near West Mill Road. The culvert in question drains the woodland and run off from Woodhall Road and other roads that come off it. . Discussions about this are taking place with the Council.

The council have adjusted the new LED streetlamp so that the path from Woodhall road through to East end of the main branch of Woodfield Park is properly illuminated. They have also provided a non-slip surface on the sloping part of this path.

We would like to thank everyone on the Committee, the new members and the resiliance co-ordinators for serving the Woodfield Park community


Latest Minutes and Reports

The WPRA AGM was held on 7th November 2020 at 4.00 pm via an online Zoom meeting. Full notes of the committee meeting can be found here

The tree report following a survey in February 2020 is here

Garden Waste

Garden waste is collected every Tuesday by Tiphereth. They will only empty bags of garden waste that have authorisation tags attached. The current service year for garden waste collections runs from 9 November 2020 to 7 November 2021.

The next opportunity to register for the garden waste collection service is from 2 February until 16 February

To find out more about garden waste collections and to sign up please click here https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/gardenwaste

In order to maintain the amenity of our conservation woodland please do not dispose of any garden waste in the woodland. Instead please use the Tuesday kerbside collection and if necessary take large items to the Sighthill Recycling Center.


All trees both in the common woodland area and in proprietors gardens are subject to a tree preservation order. If you have a tree in your garden that needs to be removed it might be a good idea to talk to our woodsman Alan Donaldson.

You should be aware that the residents association only has responsibility for the trees in the common woodland areas, proprietors are responsible for trees on their own property.