Woodfield Park Residents Association

Local Information

This web page has been prepared by the Woodfield Park Residents Association (WPRA) to provide new proprietors (and not so new proprietors) with some useful information.

Refuse Collection / Recycling / Garden waste

Each household should have the following containers for refuse, recycling and garden waste.

- a small grey food bin
emptied every Wednesday

- a large green bin for recycling and a blue box for recycling
   emptied every two weeks on Wednesdays

- a grey landfill bin
   emptied every two weeks on alternate Wednesdays to the green bin and blue box.

- green bags for garden waste
   emptied every Tuesday by Tipereth community compost.
   These bags must be tagged. See this notice

Please put out bins by 6.00 am on collection days

You can find out what can go into the bins at https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/recycling-3/individual-kerbside-collections

If bins are not collected on the days shown you can report a missed bin on 0131 529 3030 or at https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/missedbin

2020 collection days are shown on the kerbside collection calendar Note that the collection days are often varied at Xmas and New Year.


For the safety of proprietors, please report all suspicious incidents to the Police the local police station is at Oxgangs contact via the non-emergency no: 101 (Emergency no: 999) (or submit online at www.scotland.police.uk). An incident number should always be requested as the Police must then investigate before the incident can be closed on their records. It also enables the Police to build up an incident log and allocate extra resource to our area if needed. The Police will also be happy to visit your house to undertake a specific security assessment. The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme no longer operates.

Conservation Area and Tree Preservation Order

The Colinton Conservation Area has recently been extended to include some of the common areas of Woodfield Park. This imposes some restriction on the way we manage our gardens, the woodland, the stone built boundary wall and other features of our environment. Already applying to all areas including all individual properties is a Tree Preservation Order (Town & Country Planning [Scotland] Act, The City of Edinburgh (Convent of the Good Shepherd) Tree Preservation Order 1970). Therefore, to avoid the risk of financial penalties, proprietors should consult the Arboricultural Officers at the Council prior to having any work carried out on the trees in Woodfield Park gardens. Derek Grant and Alan Donaldson (WPRA Woodsman) have knowledge of the TPO (through dealing with the common woodland) and are able to offer advice.

WPRA Maintaining the Common Areas on behalf of Proprietors

There is a considerable amount of common land in the Woodfield Park development for which each proprietor is jointly and equally responsible – a legal burden imposed in every set of title deeds.  As proprietors, we are required to maintain the common areas for the safety of all who pass through Woodfield Park and to ensure that they are kept in a reasonable condition.

The Association has been in existence since 1982 when the first houses were occupied in the Woodfield Park development. It is run voluntarily by proprietors for proprietors in order to save money. Without WPRA, there would need to be significant expenditure by all 79 proprietors on a professional factor's fees to deal with the management of the common areas which include the two areas of woodland and the stone-built boundary wall along Woodhall Rd.

On becoming a Woodfield Park proprietor you automatically become a Member of the WPRA. Annual sub (maintenance fee) due on 1 October is currently 30 per house - this is used solely for the upkeep and safety of the common areas. Subs should be paid to the Treasurer (no 80) or you can arrange a standing order. An AGM and woodland clean-up are held each year.